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Mantras for Successful Transformation Initiatives – Part 1

Mantras for successful transformation initiatives can be broadly put into buckets:

  • People and culture related
  • Process and technology related

Here are a few mantras while planning process and technology changes:

Focus on simplification

Not just an incremental improvement. Simplify significantly. Take it as an opportunity to rethink and redesign. Focus on all the aspects, including product, technology, process, usage and experience, pricing, positioning etc.

Make target systems smarter

Focus on building intelligence into systems. Go beyond data collection and analysis. Focus on providing real and right time insights. Turn insights into auto-actions, wherever possible. Automate processes for enhanced quality and yield. Leverage emerging technologies.

Deliver results in small and incremental steps

Start with quick wins. Break delivery into smaller cycles. Deliver tangible outcomes at periodic intervals. These intervals can be as short as a couple of weeks. Keep the momentum. Fight the resistance to change with these improvements delivered in shorter periods of time. Gain engagement with these outcomes.

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