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Voice of the Customers (VOC) vs. Voice of Non-Customers (VONC)

Many of us are familiar with the importance of Voice of the Customer (VOC). Thanks to process improvement methods like Six Sigma that emphasise VOC. Voice of the Customers helps in understanding what’s important to customers. And helps in aligning services and process outcomes to those expectations.

Along with VOC, we should also pay attention to Voice of Non-Customers (VONC). It helps us understand why certain group of users did not prefer our products and services.

But how do we get VONC, when these people are not using our products and services? Here are some ideas –

Direct sources:

  • Interacting directly with non-customers (I used to do this without disclosing my identity at competitor service centers, sales outlets, etc.)
  • Survey of non-customers, usually engaging a professional and independent survey agency
  • Feedback from customer who are leaving the current services / products (some sort of exit feedback)

Indirect sources:

  • Interactions with distributors, retailers, and sales agents (preferably collecting quantitative data along with qualitative information)
  • Social media and Big data (including information collected from various internal and external data sources)
  • Market and usage information from public domains

There are various things that one can do using VONC for increasing customer acquisition (including product/service design and customization, pricing models, after sales service options, etc.).

In summary, VOC helps in retaining customers and possibly getting new customers with a positive word of mouth. VONC helps us in making necessary changes for increasing new customer acquisition.

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