Three Basic Elements in Transformation Program Success

Usually, transformation programs focus more on ‘whats’, often ignoring the importance of productive engagement of people involved in the change. Here are the 3Es that are basic and critical in transformation programs:

Excite: Create excitement about the change. Clearly articulate ‘why’ in simple and specific terms that everyone understands. Make sure that they not only understand but see a strong need. Show them how it is important for the organization as well. People aren’t averse to change just because they don’t like change. But they resist because there is something else that they aren’t comfortable with. The key is to address those things.

Engage: Leverage excitement to get people engaged in the change. But simple engagement does not necessarily imply desired outcomes. Engagement dies down if not converted into tangible results sooner. So plan shorter cycles, maybe starting with quick wins, that deliver quick results. This will help in gaining more engagement.

Enable: Pre-requisite for turning engagement into results is having key skills, resources, and environment. Enable people participating in the change with required skills, resources, and other environmental drivers. Resources include both human and financial resources. Environment drivers include leadership commitment, active engagement, ‘walk-the-talk’, and promote a collaborative approach.

Once the above three are done in the right manner at the right time, one can excel in delivering desired outcomes.

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