Channels for Innovation Ideas

Ideas for innovation may come from various sources, including:

  • Internal employees as well as customers
  • Within the industry as well as other industries
  • Customers of the organization as well as non-customers

All these ideas can be broadly categorized into the following three buckets.

A. Reactive

  • Pain areas or issues or problems in the current system
  • Things that are not working well, including those with poor quality and poor user rating
  • Things that have significant limitations

B. Proactive

  • Proactive ideas from users, employees, vendors etc.
  • Ideas to move to subsequent maturity areas
  • Expanding boundaries for better customer experience and value
  • New requirements, customer wants and needs, new product ideas etc.

C. Explorative

  • Disruptive technologies, innovation opportunities, ideas from academia etc.
  • Ideas from outside the industry
  • New technologies, processes, products etc.
  • Disrupting current systems; and replacing them with newer ones

Each of these channels has a specific lifecycle process for ‘idea to implementation’. We should treat them differently as each has a different kind of validation, value, and timeline.

Focus on all three channels to build a healthy portfolio of innovation ideas that helps business success in short-term as well as in long-term.

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