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Voice of the Customers (VOC) vs. Voice of Non-Customers (VONC)

Many of us are familiar with the importance of Voice of the Customer (VOC). Thanks to process improvement methods like Six Sigma that emphasise VOC. Voice of the Customers helps in understanding what's important to customers. And helps in aligning services and process outcomes to those expectations. Along with VOC, we should also pay attention… Continue reading Voice of the Customers (VOC) vs. Voice of Non-Customers (VONC)

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Making Sense of Knowledge Management

Knowledge is for investigation, not for belief Knowledge management system (KMS) is the brain of organization. Like the human brain captures knowledge using different senses, KMS should capture Organisational knowledge through different channels. Like we use our own judgement in applying our knowledge in the right way, organizations should also build systems and culture to… Continue reading Making Sense of Knowledge Management

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How can brick and mortar retailers fight competition from online retailers?

I came across an interesting article in recently which brought back some  thoughts based on the work that I did earlier in this area: Often, we look at the challenges faced by brick and mortar retailers from price perspective especially in the wake of the increased success of online stores. Yes, price definitely is a factor, especially for so-called commodity… Continue reading How can brick and mortar retailers fight competition from online retailers?

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Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing

Data, statistics, and analytics have been an integral part of manufacturing for a long time, especially in improving quality of products using techniques like statistical process controls, lean, six sigma etc. process simulations product performance analysis artificial intelligence methods for process planning, assembly line balancing etc. An article by McKinsey presents how use of advanced… Continue reading Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing

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Shifting focus from ‘Utilization’ to ‘Productive Utilisation’

Utilisation is one of the common metrics in operations management – be it human resources or any other resources. It is usually calculated as a ratio of 'utilized efforts or hours' to 'total available efforts or hours'. While it is important to optimise utilization of resources, we should also focus on how much of that resource… Continue reading Shifting focus from ‘Utilization’ to ‘Productive Utilisation’